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Who is Ryan Hender Professionally?

Award winning Multimedia Producer that specializes in business development. Passionate, Award Winning Photographer, Videographer, Producer, Director, with a keen eye for detail. Everyone has a story begging to be told, and I love nothing more than crafting films that move your soul.

I specialize in documentary style films, TV commercials, Business Promotional Films, and Weddings. I shoot and direct a Reality TV show (currently negotiating for a time slot on the Discovery Channel). I love filming projects that tug on your heart strings.

I have experience working with clients of all types, from intimate backyard weddings to high profile gigs such as Hollywood talent agents, politicians, NBA players and other high profile clients. Every client gets the (YET TO BE) patented Ryan Hender experience. Being a trusted Videographer both locally, and nationally means you are in good hands. I believe in going above and above what I am hired to do, not because I have to, but because I take it personally when someone chooses me.

I have produced video content for TopGolf, Nascar legend Jim Smith, Worksite VR, CJW Style, Department of Human Services, Workers Compensation Fund, Keller Williams, Capriotti’s, and Salt Lake Board of Realtors. I have produced product launch videos for products as Double Ditto, Tot Tube, Pocket Innerwear, CJW Styles and more. I can take your product all the way from conception, to finished product. Casting, scripting, motion graphics, voiceover, and anything else you may need.

Who is Ryan Hender as a Person?

Shortly after marrying my best friend in 2007, we found out we couldn’t have children of our own. As a child, I spent time in Foster Care, so I knew how hard it was to be in the system. Rather than going the traditional adoption route, we decided to foster children so we could change more than just one life. Jackson came to live with us when he was 7 months old, and just months later we were asked to adopt him permanently, along with his twin brothers that had yet to be born. We went from a family of 2 to a family of 5 in just 4 short months. It changed everything.

I had no choice but to quit my job to stay home with our boys, and that allowed me to finally chase my dream of being an artist. I had always wanted to make a difference telling stories, but I never thought I would be doing what I do today. I first fell in love with fine art photography when I was just 15. I spent most of my life making videos purely as a hobby, with just over 2Million views on my YouTube channel. As of 2009 I have been a full-time freelance filmmaker and have enjoyed every second of it.